Original Staff circa 1960

It started in 1958, when Dr. R. E. Bowles, Mr. R. W. Warren and Mr. B. M. Horton, working at the Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratories, created a new device for more reliable munitions fuzing-- the fluidic amplifier. This technology quickly grew into a family of devices using fluid dynamic phenomena (jet deflection, wall attachment, vortices, and feedback) to perform logical operations.Fluidic Logic Switch

This area of research quickly grew to a point where Dr. Bowles himself saw additional potential.  This led to Bowles Fluidics Corporation (Bowles).  Bowles Fluidics was incorporated in 1961 to develop and commercialize this new technology of fluidics.  At that time fluidics, a contraction of the words fluid and logic, was considered to  be analogous to early electronics.  Bowles developed a series of fluid logic devices for the US Government.  As a pioneer in this field Bowles has been granted over 250 patents related to fluid flow devices.

Since the late 1970’s, starting with the well known Ford Mustang, the company has served the automotive industry through its core customized product- the fluidic washer nozzle. The company has grown by providing excellent, responsive support and technical capability. Bowles provides its nozzles to all major automakers and their Tier 1 suppliers and currently supplies around 85% of all vehicles built in North America. Since its inception Bowles has produced over 1 billion nozzles, enough, if laid end-to-end to literally circle the globe. Each year Bowles adds to its experience and expertise by producing over 45 million nozzles and 4 million hose assemblies at its factories in the US and Mexico.

In addition, Bowles has a strong and growing Advanced Products group which supplies unique fluid flow nozzles to such household names as P&G, Jacuzzi/Sundance Spas, Delta Faucet and Toro.  We continue to grow our knowledge in fluidics through a strong R&D investment.  Our open minded approach to fluid control allows for innovation and continual growth.

During the last 20 years we have expanded manufacturing capabilities in addition to our innovative product development.  Today we leverage our modern, plastic injection molding facility in combination with low cost Mexico assembly to produce custom nozzles at competitive prices.