High Performance Windshield Washer Pumps

Our Windshield Washer Pump Line-up

Our Windshield Washer Pump Line-up

Key features
  • Industry standard EMC protection
  • Superior cold performance
  • Unique dual outlet valve
  • Integrated filters
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Use of more chemically resistant plastic resin (PBT) rather than POM
  • Low stall current version availalble

The Bowles Fluidics washer pump was specifically designed to address real world washer system performance issues and provides many key benefits over those pumps currently available. Design inputs for Bowles’ pump came from our 30 years of experience in automotive washer systems, along with an in-depth survey of the needs and wants from OEM and first tier customers. Overwhelmingly, 90% surveyed were looking forward to seeing Bowles leverage our knowledge and know-how to make a better windshield washer pump.

Even with its excellent performance attributes, the pump is competitively priced at all volume levels. Value engineering, along with our low-cost assembly, translates into an economic global solution.

The high pressure windshield washer pump is ideally suited for new or existing applications. The pump has a standard form factor and packaging envelope and is backwards compatible with many existing pumps, including integrated filters in both pump inlet designs. A range of electrical connectors are available to meet your vehicle harness needs.

Bowles Performance Advantage: The higher pressures produced by Bowles' pump design dramatically increases fluid exit velocity, positively affecting C-Zone coverage and dynamic cleaning. In many vehicles, this can be achieved simply by changing to our pump. Further optimization of the spray is possible when our pump is used in conjunction with our industry leading nozzles.

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